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Monday, May 21, 2007


Lies (Gojitmal)

M18 : For Mature Audiences Only
Release Date : 1999
Director: Jang Sun Woo
Writer: Chang Jung Il (Novel), Jang Sun Woo (Adaptation)

Lee Sang Hyun ... J
Kim Tae Yeon ... Y

Reviewed By : Reallyredaddple

At first I was shocked by the sex scenes -- the most explicit that I have come across among the M18 Kmovies I have watched so far.

After the shock, I began to appreciate the director, Jang Sun Woo's daring approach. With this movie, he made a breakthrough in the almost puritanical stand of his country in censoring sex in movies.

On the story itself, I feel that a pretty, luscious virgin of 18 is unlikely to fall for a skinny unattractive man in his 30's and be so quick in agreeing to perform acts in the scenes titled "The First Hole", "The Second Hole" and "The Third Hole". The third hole -- sodomy --is something that the normal woman would abhor. And the tasting of the excrement -- Urgh!! It's disgusting!

The whipping was rather disturbing. I can't believe that the girl can be so besotted that she could endure the pain and violence of being thrashed with hoses, broom sticks, etc.

It was a relief to see the story ending the way it did. But to have to wait till the very end to find out why the movie is called "Lies" is an anti-climax.

The lighting and the filming angles of the intimate scenes were superb. It was done tastefully despite the glimpses of frontal nudity.

With 90% of the scenes in the nude, the couple's acting was natural and convincing. They are not porn actors so you can imagine that it was not easy to do all the intimate scenes with a fellow actor in the presence of the film production crew and not with a sexual partner of one's choice in the privacy of a bedroom!


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